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Cyber security operations

Management consultants for information security officers.
Get practical security management counsel when assuming a breach is inevitable.
Get the ground truth of targeted attacks against your networks.
Get armed.

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Assumption of breach

Dealing with the implications of assuming breach can be overwhelming. Guidance is in short supply, as most information security governance models are dominated by the nuisance threats with little consideration for targeted attacks. We can help you plan and execute a new management model for your organization.

Incident management

Targeted intrusions are usually too infrequent to develop in-house expertise. We'll guide you and your staff through response planning, intrusion management and after-action hotwashes. Don't wait until an incident is in-progress, start planning today.

On-call counsel

Industry messaging is a confusing mix of researchers publishing vulnerabilities, vendor assurances of product security and conflicting regulatory requirements. Our deep technical expertise provides you well-considered interpretations for your critical decisions.